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Your children can dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina right in the comfort of your home or on the go! Dance has amazing benefits for young children. It not only stimulates creativity but promotes strength, flexibility, healthy posture and coordination. In this program your child will –

*Learn ballet steps such as plié and chassé
*Play creative games with fun characters such as the Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty
*Learn original songs and music from classical ballets
*Read along with Ms. Gina to amazing ballet stories like the Nutcracker and Cinderella!

This program is guaranteed to keep your children engaged in a healthy way. Learn and grow with Wish Upon a Ballet™!

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$39 for a Limited Time

The Nutcracker Ballet Class 

Dance along with Ms. Gina and the Nutcracker! Students will learn all about one of the most famous ballets, The Nutcracker! Read along with the Nutcracker story, learn ballet steps and dance with me. Play hide and seek with snowflakes, dance with magical toys and take a sleigh ride to the Land of Sweets!

The Snow Queen Ballet Class

Thank you for joining my amazing Snow Queen Ballet Class! I am so excited to dance with you! In this class we will read the Snow Queen story, warm up, learn actual ballet steps, choreography and creative movment activities. Let’s dance and play!

Carnival of the Animals Ballet Class

Dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina in this adorable class for little dancers! Read the Carnival of the Animals story and dance like Lions, Elephants and Mermaids! Learn how to tendu, plié and pas de chat! Watch the complete classes or watch the songs one at a time.

Ms. Gina Ballerina’s Complete Ballet Collection

All in one! Read ballet stories with Ms. Gina Ballerina such as The Nutcracker, The Snow Queen, Cinderella and more! Then learn ballet jumps such as chassé and sauté! Finally we will go on creative adventures while we pretend to make ice castles and pretend to be our favorite animals!

More Classes for Only $39!

Ms. Gina Ballerina’s Ballet Stories

Read along with Ms. Gina and your favorite ballet stories in these fun videos! Stories include The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and more!

Ballet Jumps

Learn Ballet Jumps in a fun and creative way! Dance with Ms. Gina as we chassé, sauté, grand jeté and more!

Creative Movement Activities

Dance with characters such as the Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty in these fun activities! Pretend to make an ice castle or go on an adventure to find your animals friends!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

FREE Video!

Dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina to the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Learn first position, plié, relevé and tendu while we catch stars!

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