Hello! I am excited to announce that I am going to be adding some updates to the site in the next few months! Bear with me if things look unfinished from time to time. The focus is to better reach out to my audience and provide the best ballet information that I can! I have already updated the look a bit with a new logo and a couple of other cosmetics changes. More to come!


One of the new things that I am adding to the site is the addition of guest writer Meg Gronau! Meg is a dance and theater instructor for my Mayer Arts program in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Area in Minnesota. She teaches all forms of dance but especially loves teaching my Wish Upon a Ballet classes for preschoolers.

Meg has been teaching dance and theater for over 10 years and the last 5 with my program. She shares the same philosophies about teaching little ones that I do. We both believe that teaching preschoolers should be fun, creative and stimulating. That teachers must learn to speak the language of a preschooler to effectively teach them. This takes a lot of practice. One of our main goals on this site is to educate beginning preschool ballet teachers. If you are an aspiring teacher look for more tips to help you be your best and teach a fun and non stressful class 🙂


Meg also has a writing background and is the editor for the Dayton’s Bluff District Forum newspaper. Look for her articles on everything from teaching tips to what is happening in the ballet world. Oh yes, she is also a fierce rollergirl!


If you are interested in more ballet news and historical facts we will be providing more articles in that direction as well! Articles on famous dancers from the past and today, ballet companies and schools, and what’s new in the ballet world will be coming your way. Stay tuned!!!