Here in Minnesota we are very anxious for spring. March seemed more like January with the cold and one snowfall after another. One of my four year old ballet students put it best, “We have 100 snows in our backyard!” To which a another student said, “Woah! I don’t know if we have that much but we have a lot!” I love just listening to my preschool students talk. They say such funny and original things.

This weather had me thinking. When it is cold all you want is to feel warm comforts. If you are a dance teacher like me and you travel from one place to another you may tend to forget to make yourself feel comfortable. You are concentrating on your classes and doing a great job but what about taking care of you!

If you are a studio owner you can make your studio feel like your home away from home for yourself and for your teachers and families. But if you teach at different places every week you may not have the luxury of making your own space at work. You must carry all of your things with you from job to job. Like I said I travel from place to place because I do not have a studio. My car is home to my parachute and scarves. I have a big bag that holds all of my attendance sheets, music and shoes.

So when the weather was getting to me one day while I was teaching I started to think about what would make me feel better? The cold makes my hands dry and I was happy that I had some lotion in my purse. This felt like a little comfort from home. What else could I have so that I feel more at ease when I am teaching?

Make sure you have snacks if you are teaching long hours or over meal times. Teaching on an empty stomach is not easy. You need to keep your energy up to keep up with your students. I know some people need their coffee in the morning. Hot tea is also nice on a cool day. Get a good travel cup to have in the car and bring with you to class. Lotions or other cosmetics so you can freshen up every now and then will also help keep your spirits up. Of course have plenty of water. Water is key to having energy!

Make sure that you take good care of yourself when you teach. Dance teaching takes a lot of concentration and energy. Little comforts from home can make all the difference when it comes to keeping yourself happy throughout your busy day.