Happy Spring Everyone! Here in Minnesota we have been lucky to be experiencing an early spring. Often at this time of year we could be still experiencing snowfalls! However this year we are already seeing flowers blooming!

This spring weather has inspired me to get some spring cleaning done with Wish Upon a Ballet. I spent a lot of time a few months ago changing the look of my site and my logo. Now I am going a bit further and I am excited to say there are a lot of new changes to come. I have been very pleased with the new look however, I wanted the site to be even more streamlined and easy to access. Hopefully the new site will be ready to go in the next couple weeks!

If you experience links that do not work in the next few weeks please be patient. We will try to get everything working as fast as we can!

I will leave you with a cute quote that one of my students said to me recently. I teach a group of girls ages 5- 7. I have been introducing pirouettes to them for fun and teaching them what part of the body gets a dancer around when we turn. Of course if you are a dancer you know the answer is the pushing and twisting of your foot.

To review I asked the students, “What gets you around when you turn?”

Anna answered. “Slippery shoes!”