This year is off to a great start! We here at Mayer Arts are busy teaching new material to students new and old and having a great time! I can’t believe we are already nearing our winter shows and that we here in Minnesota have already had snow!

Along with teaching my wonderful students I also have many new projects in the works. I am very excited to announce that I now have my ballet video dictionary for sale! Of course you can always view all of the clips for free on my site and on my YouTube channel. I now have over 1 million views on my YouTube channel which is very exciting! However if you would like to have the video dictionary at your home to view on your TV or where ever you would like you can purchase it for a very low price. Just visit my store page for ordering information.

Another new feature that you will see on this site and on my YouTube channel will be short videos from my book, How to Teach Preschool Ballet. These videos will contain examples from my book that you will be able to see in action. I asked a few of my best students to help me with this project and they did a great job! We demonstrate how to begin your class, how to add to your curriculum, how to play fun games to keep your students listening and more!

If you have not already purchased my book and you are new to teaching I highly recommend you get your copy. In my teaching career I have watched many, many teachers try to handle preschoolers in dance classes. Some with success and others not so much. Preschoolers are very different to teach that other age groups. They dance to their own drum so to speak. If you do not understand how they behave and how they learn, teaching them will be difficult. This book covers all the advice that I have given over the years to help new teachers with their classes. I have come to a point where I can watch a teacher for just a minute or two and know exactly how their class will go. You have to have the right energy, the right flow, the right material etc. My book covers all of this information so that your class is engaging, educational, safe and most of all fun! Go to my How to Teach Preschool Ballet page for more information.

Finally, I have a new series of books that I am currently working on and hope to have out soon! My first book, that I just mentioned, is all about how to teach your preschoolers. The next few books will be about what to teach your preschoolers. I am writing down everything that I teach in my Wish Upon a Ballet curriculum! I explain how I lay out an entire class and all the themes that I teach to my students. This will include not only themes but suggested songs, choreography and creative movement that go along with each topic. I am very excited to share this with all of you! Finding time to write between teaching and being a parent is a challenge but not impossible. I will let you know when the next book is available.

Hope you all are having a great start to your year and that you are having tons of fun with your students! I taught a great group of girls this morning that just made my day. I couldn’t help laughing with the parents as we watched their children make fun poses and say, “Look what I can do!” Yes, we are amazed at what you can do!