Creative Movement Games for Preschool Ballet: Incorporating Props

Creative Movement Games for Preschool Ballet: Incorporating Props

Props are a great addition to a preschool ballet class! They add an extra layer to a class and expand your students’ understanding of the world around them. Preschoolers are learning so much at this time in their lives and they are capable of learning so much. From motor skills to creative thinking, props help reach more of each part of their brain to gain the full potential of that learning capacity.

If you have not checked it out yet, take a look at my new book, Creative Movement Games: Incorporating Props. In this booklet I go into detail about how specifically props are beneficial and how to use them in your classes. Also I include many games that your students will love!

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Creative Movement Games for Preschool Ballet: Incorporating Props

Creative Movement Games for Preschool Ballet: Incorporating Props

Using props is wonderful however it can be a challenge as well.  Props do add fun and excitement to a class however we as teachers know that excitement may not always be a good thing! A group of excited preschoolers can lead to disaster. My book will help you learn how to handle props so your student use them calmly and safely while still having tons of fun!

This time of year there are so many little preschool ballet classes beginning all over. It is such an exciting time of year! So many new ballet dancers starting their dancing careers 🙂 I have been teaching for a long time but leading a group of preschoolers through a dance class is still a magical experience for me. I guess that is why preschool ballet is my passion.

I have had the privilege of meeting many new faces this fall. Each child and class is so different. I have calm shy classes and I have high energy classes. When I bring out my props I need to know what kind of class I have. Therefore I can better prepare for the activity.

For example, I love bringing my parachute out in the first few weeks of classes. However most new preschool students have never seen a parachute before. If they are not shy they will grab it and shake it like crazy! If you have a whole class of children who are not shy and feed off of each other they will all start to shake and giggle and no matter what you say it will not stop. It may take a few weeks of explaining the rules for them to understand that parachute time is not just free time. You need to let the students know that you do have a fun game planned and they do need to listen.

I will talk about listening with my class only for a short time. I quickly go over once we open the parachute what do we do? Do we shake it or hold still and wait for directions? If I talk about the importance of listening for a little bit each class the students will eventually catch on. What I believe is more important however is letting the students know that you have something so much more interesting and fun for them to do. This way they will listen without even knowing they are listening. They won’t feel as if they are being scolded. Class will be more fun.

I try to make every activity a game for my students. This way students are excited to listen to me. I try to create an atmosphere of “What is Ms. Gina Ballerina going to say or do next?” This way I have their attention for the whole class.

I hope you are having a great start to a great year! Please enjoy reading more of my blogs and pages for more information about to run your classes!

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