Ballet Coloring Pages

On this page you will find some great ballet coloring pages. There are pictures of ballet dancers, pointe shoes and cute animals! Just click on the link above any picture to open it as a pdf. Then you can save, print and color away! All I ask is that you use the pictures for your own personal use and not reproduce them on your website or sell them. If you are interested using these picture for more than personal use please contact me.

I don’t think I can count how many beautiful pictures I have received from my students over the years. There have been many pictures on my refrigerator of ballerinas, princesses, rainbows, animals and anything else four year olds like to color. One of my favorites that I received was a hula dancer!

Coloring is so wonderful for a child’s imagination. It helps them express their preferences and their feelings. Coloring is also beneficial for learning colors, shapes and size.  It also improves hand eye coordination as well as how to communicate using pictures.

Let your child be expressive. Don’t worry too much about if they use the right colors for objects or they don’t stay in the lines right away. I have spent many hours with little ones coloring and it is facinating to me how different each child can be. Some are very specific while other are so free. Just let it be fun!

Ballerina On Stage Two Ballerinas Ballet Shoes
Monkey Pigs Mouse