Wish Upon a Ballet is Where Ballet Begins!

  • Are you a parent of a child in ballet class?  Is your child asking for more information after they leave class and you don’t know where to look? 

  • Are you a student that would like to continue your studies? 

  • Are you a teacher looking for tips so you can teach a great class? 

Thank you for visiting Wish Upon a Ballet! This site is intended as a place to start for anyone interested in ballet. Whether you are a new student, a parent of a new student or a teacher of preschool ballet this site will guide you on your way to the joy of ballet!

Ballet is such a wonderful art form! Who doesn’t appreciate its grace and beauty? Even more so the amount of strength and discipline that is needed to be a professional ballet dancer.  That being said anyone can learn at any age! I didn’t seriously start training until after college and I still feel that I still have a long way to go. I even took private lessons to accelerate my progress and prepare for this site. It is never too late. There are many quality schools ready to take new students. From professional schools to community education. You can find great teachers!

As a teacher of the performing arts, preschool ballet has been what I have focused on the most. Teaching preschoolers ballet, I really feel, is my calling. I love inspiring their creativity and seeing their huge smiles when we leap and jump around a dance room! There is nothing like it! Therefore, this site will be mostly geared toward preschool ballet. My blog has many great tips and ideas for parents of young students and teachers as well.

For Parents of New Ballet Students

In all of the years that I have been teaching ballet and dance to young children I have been asked many questions. This website contains all the questions that I have been asked over the years. Some examples are:

“My daughter and I were reading Angelina Ballerina and it mentioned a fouetté. What is a fouetté?

“What age can I bring my daughter to a performance?”

“Do ballet shoes have a right and left foot?”

Students and parents want to have more information after they leave class. They want to continue to learn at home. Whether it is reading with your children or dancing right along with them this site will help you! I have lists of ballet music, stories, books and even coloring pages to share with your children.

For Teachers of Preschool Ballet

Are you interested in teaching preschool ballet? This site will also help you on your way to teaching the best class you can! You will find many great tips on my blog and I continue to add new tips all the time! If you would like more information I have also written a book entitled, How to Teach Preschool Ballet: A Guidebook for Teachers. It explains how to prepare a well-run, professional and super fun class from start to finish!

I take teaching dance to preschoolers very seriously. As a preschool ballet teacher you start a student on their way to loving dance. Maybe they won’t become a dancer when they grow older, however they can use dance to simply fill their souls

For Anyone Looking for More Information

This website contains everything from the history of ballet to an online dictionary with video clips!

Please take a look at all the free information that is provided. If I have missed something that you are interested in let me know! I will be always adding to the site so please keep coming back for more information.

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I am so happy to have to here! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about your ballet beginnings!